Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Don't Fail

In the face book era, articles are widely shared with taglines “worth a read!” and I don’t feel good about it. I know the article will be good and it will rejuvenate my brain cells by exposing me to something new but it saddens me to know that the points made in the article will be lost in my chaotic thoughts. At best, I would recall them while conversing with a friend but so what? It’s just hollow. But the time spent on reading it was real. Real change will never happen because most of us are too lazy to use the will power. We just sail in a material world with a vague notion that we are so much better than most people and morality is limited to reading about other people do good things in life.

The vastness and time period of the universe tells us we can’t fail. We can die but not fail because what is failure in such an enormous universe. We are smaller than dust in the universe and yet we think that our problems are so big. And they are, to us. The suffering is real, we all know. But whether we need to suffer is a choice. And we have to become capable of exercising that choice. That comes when we think less and do more. Mistakes are fine coz then you learn fast. I am reminded of a quote by Mark Zuckerberg, “you are not moving fast enough if you are not breaking things”.

But most of us can’t do anything because we are trapped by our habits. And changing them is painful. That’s why painful events in life change us easily. They have greater impact and in most of the cases, the change feels better, more freeing. However, it doesn’t mean that change brings happiness. Happiness is not outside but inside. Even in a concentration camp, Viktor Frankl felt free and happy. So the point is to be totally satisfied now and here and follow our dreams with a joyful zest.